BP531 bangslabs BioMag® Plus Concanavalin A

Our ConA- coated BioMag®Plus microparticles provide a convenient means for isolating glycoproteins from serum or cell lysate, and for investigating other lectin/glycan-mediated processes. The BioMag®Plus magnetic particle format provides high surface area, and permits easy and efficient separations.


名称:BioMag® Plus Concanavalin A 伴刀豆球蛋白A磁珠




品牌:polyscience(bangs laboratories)

Bead- and column-based separation methods rely heavily on the speed and ease of affinity binding systems. Ligands such as streptavidin, antibodies and lectins are used both to capture specifically-tagged targets and for the isolation of cells and biomolecules that naturally express the ligand binding partner.
The unique saccharide-binding properties of plant lectins, such as Concanavalin A (Con A) have made them useful for the labeling and isolation of glycanpresenting cells and glycoproteins in serum and cell lysate. Lectins have additionally been used in cell adhesion studies, to effect lymphocyte activation, and to explore carbohydrate-based therapeutics.
Our Con A-coated BioMag®Plus microparticles provide a convenient means for isolating mannosyl- and glucosyl-containing glycoproteins and polysaccharides from serum or cell lysate, or for investigating other lectin / glycan-mediated processes. BioMag® Concanavalin A has also been used for CUT&RUN, a chromatin profiling protocol that has several key advantages over ChIP. (see References)