Biocompare ( 是为生命科学家提供最新产品信息、产品评论和新技术的领先资源。Biocompare 将生命科学产品和新技术的深入知识与互联网的力量相结合,为科学家提供最具活力、相关性和创新性的基于媒体的生命科学信息市场。Biocompare 由科学家制作,其使命是为生命科学研究人员提供免费、省时的服务,让科学家能够找到并了解推动发现的技术。Biocompare 通过提供专门的搜索工具、文章、产品评论、网络研讨会、视频和技术聚焦来做到这一点,所有这些都旨在确保 Biocompare 仍然是值得信赖的全面产品信息来源。

Biocompare ( is the leading resource for up-to-date product information, product reviews, and new technologies for life scientists. Biocompare combines an in-depth knowledge of life science products and new technologies with the power of the Internet to offer scientists the most dynamic, relevant, and innovative media-based marketplace for life science information. Produced by scientists, Biocompare’s mission is to provide free, time saving services to life science researchers, allowing scientists to find and learn about the technologies that drive discovery. Biocompare does this by providing specialized search tools, articles, product reviews, webinars, videos and technology spotlights all designed to ensure that Biocompare remains a trusted and comprehensive source of product information. Biocompare continually strives to serve the life science community by providing new and improved online services that facilitate product discovery and technology education.

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