Gemini Bio-Products

Gemini Bio新的最先进的cGMP制造工厂占地25,000平方英尺,可在满足客户需求的同时实现快速增长和发展。该设施通过我们的质量体系和自动化降低了风险,将支持定制培养基,动物和人类血清,缓冲液以及其他补充试剂的生产,以及针对细胞和基因疗法市场的产品。 



  • 对客户需求的响应速度更快
  • 提供高质量的cGMP产品
  • 提供您对Gemini Bio期望的客户体验

Gemini Bio’s new state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility is a 25,000 square foot building that allows for rapid growth and development, while meeting the demands and requirements of our customers. Featuring reduced risk via our quality systems and automation, this facility will support the production of custom media, animal and human sera, buffers, and other supplement reagents with products for the cell and gene therapy market. 

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We are proud that this new building enables us to build on three key pillars of our business:

  • Increased responsiveness to our customers’ needs
  • Providing high quality cGMP products
  • Delivering the customer experience you have come to expect from Gemini Bio