公司的可持续发展重点是从生物海洋资源中识别用于低温提取过程的新蛋白水解酶。这一战略承诺与Capo Granitola(坎波贝洛迪马扎拉)的IAMC-CNR(国家研究委员会海岸海洋环境研究所)的科学关系紧密相关,后者是Abiel研究的一部分。

Abiel (Biomedical and Industrial Applications of Lytic Enzymes) is a ground breaking Biotechnology Company founded in as a spin-off of the National Council of Research (CNR) and the University of Palermo.

Abiel is composed by a multidisciplinary team of qualified scientists and professionals with expertise in enzymology, biochemistry, cell biology and biomarine sciences.

Abiel is a biotechnology company committed to R&D, production and marketing of innovative high quality lytic enzymes for tissue dissociation in cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications.

Abiel’s recombinant collagenases represent a step forward towards the optimization and standardization of cell isolation protocols, a major challenge in the future of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

We currently offer services in the field of lytic enzymes and regenerative medicine, in particular screening and characterization of lytic enzymes, engineering and development of novel recombinant proteins, ex-vivo animal models for tissue dissociation enzymes selection.

The Company’s sustainable growth is focused on identifying new proteolytic enzymes from biomarine sources for extractive processes at low temperature. This strategic commitment is closely linked to the scientific relationship with IAMC-CNR (Institute for Coastal Marine Environment of the National Research Council) of Capo Granitola (Campobello di Mazara), where part of Abiel’s research is located.


Suitable for all tissues, Recombinant Collagenases Class I (COL G) and Recombinant Collagenases Class II (COL H) preserve your stem cells and primary cells.

  • COL G and COL H can be mixed in specific formulations for each application.
  • Each formulation is perfectly reproducible and does not require any preliminary test.
  • The absence of other proteolytic activities and the innovative purification technology make the final product remarkably stable and ensure lot-to-lot consistency.

COL G and COL H are available in 3 different formats as lyophilized powder, for research use only.

We have also implemented kit packages for specific cell isolation.

Abiel‘s kit packages are ready-to-use and contain COL G and/or COL H and Thermolysin, to perform 3 assays of the study, allowing fully reproducible and standardized blends with highly predictable enzymatic efficiency.

Available Standardized Isolation Kit:

  • Chondrocytes from cartilage
  • Hepatocytes from Rat liver
  • MSCs from Adipose tissue
  • Islets from Rat Pancreas
  • Islets from Mouse Pancreas
  • Cardiomyocytes from Rat Heart


I类重组胶原蛋白(COL G)和II类重组胶原蛋白(COL H)适用于所有组织,可保留您的干细胞和原代细胞。

  • 每种应用可以将COL G和COL H混合成特定的配方。
  • 每种配方均具有完美的可重复性,不需要任何初步测试。
  • 由于没有其他蛋白水解活性和创新的纯化技术,因此最终产品非常稳定,并确保了批次间的一致性。

COL G和COL H有3种冻干粉形式,仅供研究使用。


Abiel的试剂盒包装可立即使用,并包含COL G和/或COL H和Thermosysin,可进行3种研究测定,从而可完全重现并标准化混合物,并具有高度可预测的酶促效率。


  • 软骨软骨细胞
  • 大鼠肝脏中的肝细胞
  • 来自脂肪组织的MSC
  • 大鼠胰腺的胰岛
  • 胰岛胰岛
  • 大鼠心脏的心肌细胞


c/o Consorzio Arca,

Viale delle Scienze ed. 16

90128 – Palermo, Italy

Phone: +39 091 661 5633

E-mail: info@abielbiotech.com