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Our point of view, begins with you.

From scientific research and technical applications to storage and packaging solutions, the world’s laboratories rely on DWK Life Sciences for the most comprehensive range of precision labware available. Our catalog of glassware and specialty products reflects our commitment to premium quality and ongoing innovation, all to meet your highest expectations and help advance today’s scientific research. The experience we’ve gained over our 130+ year history has created the unparalleled levels of expertise trusted by our customers and distributors worldwide.

Partnering with DWK Life Sciences you’ll discover how our collaborative mindset sets us apart from others and consistently demonstrates that we’re here for you. We have combined the strength of three global leading brands, DURAN®, WHEATON®, and KIMBLE®, with a single aim: to help you achieve excellence in your field. We want to assure you that DWK Life Sciences understands the challenges you face — from demands for accuracy to pressures around to speed-to-market — and that we strive to ensure that you get the right product, where you need it and when you need it.

从科学研究和技术应用到存储和包装解决方案,世界各地的实验室都依赖DWK Life Sciences获得最广泛的精密实验室器具。我们的玻璃器皿和特种产品目录反映了我们对优质和持续创新的承诺,所有这些都可以满足您的最高期望并帮助推动当今的科学研究。我们在130多年的历史中积累的经验创造了无与伦比的专业水平,受到了全球客户和分销商的信赖。

DWK Life Sciences合作,您将发现我们的协作思维方式如何使我们与众不同,并不断证明我们在这里为您服务。我们将三个全球领先品牌DURAN®,WHEATON®和KIMBLE®的实力结合在一起,旨在一个目标:帮助您在自己的领域中实现卓越。我们想向您保证,DWK生命科学能够理解您所面临的挑战-从准确性的要求到周围的压力,再到上市的速度-我们努力确保您在任何地方,任何时候都需要使用它们。

Our Vision

We will be present in every laboratory and production environment around the world and will accelerate scientific progress by providing a full range of products and solutions for customers in drug discovery, life science and industrial markets.

Our Mission

We earn the trust of our customers by facilitating improvements in their processes and enabling better results.

We encourage creativity and innovation so we can offer our customers new and better solutions for their needs.

We empower our people to pursue ambitious goals by constantly improving our products and processes.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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DURAN®是由德国制造的硼硅酸盐玻璃3.3制成的实验室玻璃器皿的领先高级品牌。它结合了120多年的制造专业知识,卓越的产品质量和对创新的热情。DURAN®产品组合包括3,000多种产品,主要按照DIN / ISO标准制造。

DURAN®硼硅酸盐3.3玻璃以其高度一致,可复制的质量而著称。DURAN®硼硅酸盐3.3玻璃最重要的性能是非常高的耐化学性,惰性,透明性,高使用温度,最小的热膨胀以及由此产生的高抗热冲击性。它还符合适用于制药行业的USP / EP / JP Type 1中性玻璃的要求。