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In science, quality is everything. Whether you’re uncovering basic insights into the inner workings of biological systems or are on the front lines of developing the next generation of therapeutics or diagnostics, you want your results to stand the test of time. But reliable, reproducible data doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes smart experimental design, skilled execution, and tools you can trust to deliver data that’s both accurate and precise. And it also takes time.

At Ethos Biosciences, we want to give you back some of that time with assay kits, reagents, and services that are high quality, easy to use, and quick to implement. From well thought-out kits designed to minimize preparatory steps and maximize accuracy, to expert support from the scientists that develop and manufacture each kit, to streamlined ordering, our goal is to simplify your path to the high-quality data that builds lasting and high-impact insights.

Why choose Exocell Assays from Ethos?

With scientific roots in nephrology dating back to Exocell’s founding in 1988 by Margo Cohen, MD. Ph.D., Exocell assays were originally developed to advance research into complications from diabetes that affect the kidneys. From the original Albuwell ELISA and Creatinine Companion Kits, which have become the gold standard assays for microalbuminuria measurement, the analyte list has expanded to include biomarkers for other conditions that frequently co-occur with diabetes. Regardless of the analyte, each kit embodies Exocell’s (and now Ethos’) commitment to accurate and precise measurement, with reagents and assays designed to maximize quality and ease-of-use while minimizing variability. Find the right assay for your needs and learn more using the links below.

History: Built on a foundation of excellence

Ethos Biosciences was formed in 2018 as a subsidiary of Ott Scientific focused on the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality, easy-to-use assay kits, reagents, and services. In November 2018, we acquired the Exocell™ diagnostics operation from Glycadia, Inc., as a first step in assembling a world-class product catalog, and look forward to further expanding our offerings.

With the Exocell acquisition, we not only incorporated the widely-cited products, many of which are considered the gold-standard assay in their respective areas, we’ve kept the entire operation. This means that current Exocell customers will continue to receive the same industry-leading products, services, and support that they’ve depended on since the company’s founding in 1988 by Margo Cohen, MD. Ph.D.

Exocell: Nephrology assay expertise to advance the understanding and treatment of diabetes A leader in research on diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism, Margo Cohen founded Exocell in 1988 to develop diabetes-related diagnostic products, and subsequently established Glycadia to develop therapeutic products. Under her leadership, Exocell™ quickly became a leader in nephrology diagnostics with 15 patents and over 2000 research citations. Now a part of Ethos Biosciences, Exocell™ products continue to serve the top academic, biotech, and pharma research teams across the globe.

Ott Scientific: Manufacturing and selling scientific chemicals and reagents since 1993 Ott Scientific is a family owned and operated group of specialty chemical manufacturing companies with expertise in monomers, polymers, microspheres, and reagents for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries.



在Ethos Biosciences,我们希望通过高质量,易于使用和快速实施的检测试剂盒,试剂和服务来回馈您的这段时间。从精心设计的试剂盒(旨在最大程度地减少准备步骤并最大程度地提高准确性)到开发和制造每种试剂盒的科学家的专家支持,再到简化的订购,我们的目标是简化您获取高质量数据的途径,以建立持久,高效的产品-影响见识。


肾病学的科学根源可以追溯到1988年由医学博士Margo Cohen创立的Exocell。博士,最初是通过Exocell测定法开发的,以进一步研究影响肾脏的糖尿病并发症。从最初的Albuwell ELISA和肌酐伴侣试剂盒(已成为微量白蛋白尿测量的金标准测定法)开始,分析物列表已扩展到包括针对其他常见于糖尿病的疾病的生物标志物。无论分析物如何,每个试剂盒都体现了Exocell(以及现在的Ethos)对准确和精确测量的承诺,其试剂和测定旨在最大程度地提高质量和易用性,同时最大程度地减少变异性。找到适合您需要的检测方法,并使用下面的链接了解更多信息。


Ethos Biosciences于2018年成立,是Ott Scientific的子公司,致力于设计,开发和制造高质量,易于使用的测定试剂盒,试剂和服务。2018年11月,我们从Glycadia,Inc.收购了Exocell™诊断部门,这是组装世界一流产品目录的第一步,并希望进一步扩展我们的产品范围。

通过收购Exocell,我们不仅合并了广受赞誉的产品,其中许多产品在各自领域被认为是金标准检测方法,而且我们保留了整个操作过程。这意味着自Exocell的现有客户将继续获得自1988年由医学博士Margo Cohen创立以来的一直被信赖的行业领先的产品,服务和支持。

Exocell:肾脏学检测专业知识,可增进对糖尿病的了解和治疗作为糖尿病,内分泌学和新陈代谢研究的领导者,Margo Cohen于1988年成立了Exocell,以开发与糖尿病相关的诊断产品,随后成立了Glycadia,以开发治疗产品。在她的领导下,Exocell™迅速成为肾病学诊断领域的领导者,拥有15项专利和2000多项研究引用。现在,Exocell™产品已成为Ethos Biosciences的一部分,继续为全球顶尖的学术,生物技术和制药研究团队提供服务。

Ott Scientific:自1993年以来制造和销售科学化学品和试剂Ott Scientific是一家家族拥有和经营的特种化学制造公司,在制药,医疗设备和诊断行业的单体,聚合物,微球和试剂方面具有专业知识。

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